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5 Ways To Help Your Digestive System

A poor digestive system can be enough to throw your whole body off track. There is no doubt that when it comes to ensuring that your body is healthy, your digestive system is key to being healthy. Whatever goes into your mouth, and comes out the other end, will run through your stomach, your liver, your gallbladder and your intestines. Throughout this whole process, anything can go wrong. And then your body will suffer.

But there are ways to ensuring that your digestive system is running at full tilt and healthy. What ways are we talking about? Keep reading below to find out:

  1. Go for a walk post-meal
    Your digestive works better when it flows. That means after you have a meal, you should look to go for a walk. We are not talking about a hardcore run, but a short brisk walk around the block (from your home or office). Walking helps digestive food better and makes it pass through easily.
  2. Eat slowly
    When you’re hungry and start shoving food down your mouth, you’re putting unnecessary pressure on your stomach to back down the food. But by eating slowly, you’re giving your stomach, your liver and your intestines time to break down the molecules of the food and ease it into your stomach. Take your time and enjoy your food.
  3. Smaller meals throughout the day
    All this talk about ‘three meals’ a day talk is a little old fashioned. Three big meals put a lot of pressure on your body to digest these large meals. The trick is to eat smaller meals throughout the day (five to six times), elevating pressure off your digestive system to break down the food. It is a simple trick that works wonders.
  4. Check our Chinese medicine
    If you are looking for some outside help when it comes to stop any digestive pains or problems, Chinese medicine is super helpful. Whether you decide to take herbs, or head to Melbourne’s eastern suburbs leading acupuncturist in Evergreen CMC for some hands-on treatment, traditional Chinese medicine is the best way to ensuring that your stomach is up to scratch.
  5. Lots of water on top of it
    Water is the best thing to have to ensure that your body is always in good condition. Have a glass of water before you start eating (so it helps your body get use to food coming in), and then take little sips of water throughout your meal. This will help break down your food, ensure an easy passage through your body and relieve pressure off your stomach.

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