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How To Choose Qualified Migration Agents For Your Visa Needs

Even though engaging registered visa service providers is not a compulsory and legal obligation in Australia, it is advisable to hire an immigration agent Melbourne while applying for a student, work or family visa. Applying for a visa can prove to be a complicated process. It is hence wise to engage people who are qualified and experienced in the field. Obtaining a visa involves several steps. The best immigration agent Melbourne can ensure that careless errors are avoided in the visa application as such mistakes can prove to be extremely costly.

Migration agents

In Australia, firms providing visa services are called migration or immigration agents. An immigration agent Melbourne possesses good knowledge about the requirements for applying for a visa in order to gain entry into Australia. However, in order to choose the best immigration agent Melbourne, it is important to ensure that they possess a valid registration with the Regulatory Authority for Migration Agents.

This aspect is important considering the fact that migrating to a different country is often a difficult decision for most people. It is hence important that the people have confidence and trust their Migration Agents. In order to find the best immigration agent Melbourne, it is advisable to visit the website the Regulatory Authority. The website has plenty of information about registered Migration Agents. You can gather information about various agents and choose an immigration agent Melbourne according to your requirement.

The Regulatory Authority has also issued certain guidelines for immigration agents. The agents who fail to comply with these guidelines may be deregistered. Few areas covered by these guidelines include:

Knowledge about Skilled Migration Act

The Regulatory Authority has made it mandatory for all Migration Agents to have good knowledge about the Skilled Migration Act of Australia and other relevant rules and regulations. While choosing an immigration agent Melbourne, it is hence advisable to ensure that the firm adheres to this guideline of the Regulatory Authority. This is particularly important because changes in policies and rules and regulations may have a major impact on visa applications. In order to find the best immigration agent Melbourne, it is recommended to test the knowledge level of the service provider regarding such regulations. This can also help in preventing frauds which are often committed by non-registered migration agents. Few other factors which may be considered while choosing an immigration agent Melbourne include:

  • Registered agents are prohibited from providing services to people they may have conflicting interests with.
  • Although there is no standard fee which may be charged by Australian migration agents, they are advised by the Regulatory Authority to charge a reasonable amount for their services.
  • While choosing a migration agent, it is advisable to shop around and compare the fees charged by different agents.
  • While looking for Migration agents, it is advisable to check their qualifications and years of experience in providing visa services.

Registered migration agents in Australia offer a range of visa services including Family Visa, Student Visa and Skilled Migrant Visa. The process for obtaining a Skilled Migrant Visa is very complex. It is hence advisable to hire an immigration agent Melbourne for applying for this type of visa.

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