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Reasons Your Teeth Hurt – And It’s Not A Cavity!

At any time during the week, your teeth could hurt. The pain can be sudden, sharp or dull. But you know it when you get it. That’s the worst thing about tooth pain; it comes on suddenly, and you don’t know why it’s happened. Most of the time, you think that it is a standard cavity; one of those common occurrences. Well, you will be surprised to know that a lot of the time, that won’t always be the case. There are many other reasons that you could have tooth pain that isn’t cavity related. These causes include: 

Gum Infection! 

Sometimes your teeth aren’t the problem – it’s your gums! Gums are just as important to your mouth than your teeth and looking after them is vital to keep your teeth healthy and safe. In the case of your gums, you have to go to a professional and speak to them. They will be able to go in closer and see what could be causing your teeth pain! 

Sensitive Teeth! 

For those people who suffer from sensitive teeth, we share your pain. Having sensitive teeth means random pain, and tightness just pops up from nowhere. Well, there is nothing you can really do in terms of “stopping” the pain, but you can manage it. Get a soft toothbrush, buy toothpaste that is sensitive and brush gently. Before you know it, you’ll be fine! 

A Sinus Infection!

Sometimes a cold can be pain…in your teeth! That’s right. Your sinus is actually just above your top teeth and if you get an infection in your sinuses, it will swell up and put pressure on your teeth. This can make it difficult to eat and give you random pain and sensitivity. Clear up that infection, and you stop the dental pain! 

You Grind Your Teeth! 

A shock for many people is that don’t realise that they grind their teeth during their sleep. Then all of a sudden they have pain! Well, during the night, your teeth are clenching, and that is putting pressure on the top layer. Over time, this wears down and will cause you pain. There is nothing to worry about though dentists in Cranbourne can help you by giving you a custom-made mouth guard. 

You’ve Had Some Work Recently Done! 

You will be surprised how often this happens. Teeth are sensitive, and if you find that you’ve had some work done recently (however minor), sometimes your teeth react negatively. It can start to hurt, and you think you’re facing another problem, but it is merely a reaction to the work that has been done! Just go back to your dentist and tell them: they’ll be happy to check it again and help you for free! 

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